We pride ourselves on serving as a one-stop-shop for your public policy and public affairs needs. Juggling multiple consultants who operate at different hours with competing visions is outdated and inefficient. We offer the expertise of multiple shops, under the coordination of one roof, with the affordability that comes from consolidated service. We’re also working partners, which means your business won’t be handled by interns or associates. When we pitch you on our work, it means we perform the work ourselves.
— The Tidemore Team
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Public Policy

Form should never sacrifice substance, and a charismatic message is at its most effective when it elevates the conversation by educating its audience. Our team’s deep understanding of public policy and devotion to research add depth and breadth to your message, quickly producing policy deliverables that make your vision real and concrete. Whether long-form proposals for a legislative committee or illustrative statistics for mass media, we guarantee rhetoric that is rooted in reality. 

Communication and Messaging

We deploy your message across targeted mediums ranging from social media to earned media, from canvasses to community events, in order to guarantee saturation, reinforcement, and persuasion. Beyond distributing your message, we develop your message so that your vision inhabits a responsive and ongoing conversation. Whether through focus groups, one-on-ones, or research, we help you understand the people who comprise your audience. The result is a concise, accessible message that speaks to their interests while achieving your goals. 

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Community Engagement 

Person-to-person contact is still the most targeted engagement tool at your disposal. Our services help you make the most efficient use of resources to engage, expand, and turnout your base, while winning over undecided residents with the most convincing messengers possible: their neighbors and friends. Whether you need to practice retail politics, build a robust phone bank, drive attendance for a public hearing, train neighborhood canvassers, or organize a rally, our team is up for the task.


The impact of your consultants’ work product depends on your process for coordinating and utilizing it as part of your core activities. The logistics of doing so, or of simply running your enterprise, can be overwhelming. Worse still, they can consume the time you need to build relationships and engage your audience. Our team takes care of long-term strategy and daily management, freeing up your valuable time.

Design, digital, and multimedia

Unique, dynamic aesthetics are a vital part of your message, and can turn heads when words alone get lost in the chatter surrounding an issue. From designing memorable logos and viewer-friendly walk pieces, to web development and photography, we help you develop a consistent image across multiple forms of media to engage a diverse and changing audience.